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Welcome to replay, a SHINee fanworks community for fanfiction and fanart.

01. Please read and understand the following rules before joining and posting! Posts must be submitted for approval and moderators reserve the right to reject them at their own discretion. For more information about moderated posting, click here.
02. Treat all members of the community with respect.
03. As a SHINee fanworks community, all posts must be related to at least one of the SHINee members. This rule also applies to request and advertisement posts.
04. Crossposts must be linked to either livejournal or dreamwidth. Linking to locked journals or communities is not allowed: posts must be open to the public for at least 48 hours.
05. Content in summaries and previews may not contain explicit and graphic sexual, mature, or violent activity. Please put this content under an lj-cut.
06. In accordance with LJ policies, you must lock your entry if it contains NC-17 content featuring a minor, whether real or fictional. We highly recommend locking adult posts or posts containing sensitive content, such as rape or abuse, that others might find offensive.
07. Please format your post appropriately. Do not alter the font type, color, or size when posting. Formatting will not always appear the same in different layouts, so posts are restricted to basic HTML.
08. Fic banners are not allowed outside of an lj-cut. If you have a banner, place it under a cut or link to it. Advertisements, fanmixes, and fanart are allowed to have small images with their posts.
09. Please tag your entries appropriately. Our complete tagging guide is located here.
10. This community sees a high volume of posts. Please limit your number of posts to no more than two entries per day. It is preferred that you combine your entries rather than post things consecutively.
11. Plagiarism and theft will not be tolerated. If you are found to have plagiarised from any person (anywhere in the community or even from outside of LJ), you will be permanently banned from the community and included in our public blacklist.

If you're unfamiliar with fonts, tagging, or lj-cuts, or anything else regarding posting entries, consult the LJ FAQ and use your own journal to test entries.