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[MOD] Moderated Posting Trial End & SHINee Big Bang 2012: Artist Call

As our moderated posting trial comes to an end on May 14, we would like to remind all members that we are open to feedback on the trial. Please comment here (not this entry) with your thoughts, and we will take them into consideration as we make our final decision (on May 15).

And once again, we are looking for artists to illustrate the winning entries for this year's SHINee Big Bang. If you're interested in offering your services and are sure that you'll be able to meet the deadline (see timeline), then please leave a comment on this entry with the following information:

All comments are screened.

First draft and revealing of artists' names: May 25
Final draft: June 15
Posting: June 16-20
Voting: June 20-27
Announcement of winners and artist assignments distributed: June 30
Art deadline: July 30 (or earlier)

This also serves as a reminder for all writers that the first draft, which must total 10,000 words, is due on May 25.

Lastly, with an influx of crossover works, we would like to remind everyone that a correctly tagged crossover entry should be tagged with an individual member tag, the *crossover tag and the pairing: member/group tag. Thank you!
Tags: #mod, *shineebigbang2012
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