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How to stop fighting, JongTae

Title: How to stop fighting
Author eoryndal
Rating: r (for dry humping)
Pairing: JongTae
Summary: Taemin is tired and stressed. Jonghyun is bored and jealous. They get into a fight, they make up. Things lead to stuff.

At the ringing of the bell, Jonghyun went to answer the door. The other four members had just finished their radio show. Taemin brushed past him with an angry expression and slammed the door to his room shut, making everyone flinch.

"Woah. What happened?", Jonghyun asked, door still in his hand. He closed it.

"No idea... Since we finished recording, he hasn't spoken a single word." Jinki sighed and toed off his shoes. "Anyway, as the oldest, I'm calling dibs on the bathroom!"

Jonghyun turned to the remaining two with a questioning look but Minho just shrugged and dropped his tired body on the couch.

Kibum lined up their shoes neatly at the entrance and said, "He's been like this since we sang Hello at the radio show. He's got to stop, it's bringing everyone's mood down. I'll go talk to him."

Jonghyun nodded and went through the living room to the kitchen to grab a snack from the fridge. Back in the living room, he plopped down on the couch. Minho was dozing off in a sitting position and Jonghyun nudged his shoulder.

"Here. You need to eat something before you go to sleep."

Minho gave him a grateful smile and took the snack.

A few seconds later, Kibum returned from Taemin's room, an expression of utter disbelief on his face.

"He didn't want to talk to me", he said in a grave voice, "He gave me the finger. Can you believe that?!"

Everyone blinked at him. All that could be heard was the shower running in the next room and Jinki singing to his heart's content. Jonghyun cleared his throat.

"I'll take care of it. Whatever it is, it can't be my fault because I haven't been at the studio with you, right? So maybe I can act as the neutral party", Jonghyun volunteered and patted Kibum's shoulder on the way. "Just make sure to grab something from the fridge before you sleep, I know you guys didn't have dinner."

As Jonghyun opened the door to Taemin's room, he saw the younger boy lying on his bed, still fully clothed, facing the wall. Sulking like this was entirely uncharacteristic of Taemin.

"Leave me alone, I already told you I don't wanna talk!"

"Taemin-ah...", Jonghyun started softly to let him know that it wasn't Kibum, and at the sound of his voice, Taemin whirled around, face contorted by anger.

"You! I hate you!", he spat.

Jonghyun instinctively held his hands up in defence. Taemin threw the covers off and stomped towards Jonghyun in such a menacing way that the older backed off. Taemin pushed his shoulders so he crashed into the wall, too dumbfounded to put up any resistance. In one big outburst Taemin shouted all his anger and frustration into his face.

"I hate you! I hate your stupid fucking lines! And why, why is it always me who has to fill in for you?! You have the difficult parts, I'm so sick of it! And when I mess up they tell me I'm cute. I hate you!"

Jonghyun's eyes widened. Being the cause of Taemin's anger, realizing under how much pressure he must be to fill in for the main vocal, his issues with being called cute - it took a moment for Jonghyun to digest this. He knew he should talk to Taemin and tell him he was sorry but suddenly anger bubbled up in his own stomach at Taemin's words. It wasn't like he chose to sit on the sidelines while everyone else went to their usual schedules.

"You hate me?! You think I'm happy I couldn't take part in that radio show? You thinks it's fun to sit at home all day and feel like useless shit? You are cute, fucking live with it! That's a compliment for fuck's sake. Do you even know what else they say about you? Huh?"

Taemin shook his head, confused. He hadn't expected Jonghyun to shout back so he was momentarily silenced. But his eyes were still hard with anger. Jonghyun spoke the next words softly, bitterly, and evaded Taemin's eyes.

"They say you've improved so much at singing that you could replace me soon. How am I supposed to feel about that?"

The aura of fury exuding from Taemin dimmed and remorse seeped into it. He unclenched his fists and let them fall to his sides, no longer feeling like smashing Jonghyun's face. The sound of the shower stopped and suddenly the electric humming of the radio on the desk was too loud for comfort.

"I haven't... haven't thought about that", Taemin admitted through gritted teeth and added, almost pathetically, "Do you hate me now?"

They looked at each other carefully until Jonghyun shook his head and Taemin apologized with a crooked smile. Jonghyun's mouth stretched into a wide grin, bright even in the dimly lit room, and he crushed Taemin in a relieved hug that made them both tumble over.

"Ouch, you fell on me, stupid dinosaur!"

"You totally deserve it, little brat!"

"I don't! And I'm not a brat!"

"You do! And you are!"




They continued like that, shouting at each other between laughs, rolling around on the floor in mock fight and crushing into the bookshelf at one point which buried them noisily under a pile of tumbling books.

In the blink of an eye, a very pissed Kibum burst through the door.

"Stop fighting for Heaven's sake!"

They winced and looked up at Kibum with identical sheepish grins from the floor where they were lying among scattered books.

"We're not fighting."

To prove his point, Taemin slung his arms around Jonghyun's shoulders and placed a loud, sloppy peck on his cheek. Then he smiled angelically at Kibum, hair tousled, eyes shining brightly and cheeks flushed from playfighting.

Kibum raised his eyebrows and trailed a sceptical gaze over his heaving chest and their tangled limbs. Jonghyun followed his eyes to where his own hands were sprawled over Taemin's bare waist. The shirt had ridden up during a tickle attack. But judging from the way Kibum raised his eyebrows a little higher, it didn't look that innocent and while Taemin was oblivious of the whole situation, Jonghyun couldn't believe Kibum was actually going there.

"Hey! Don't look at me like that, I didn't do anything!"

"That", Kibum emphasized, "better be true." And he left the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Taemin gave Jonghyun a nonplussed look. "Didn't do what? What was that about?"

"Well, we're being noisy, you're half naked and I'm kind of lying on top of you -"

"Yeah, get off, you're damn heavy!"

"- so he thought we're having sex."

Taemin choked and pushed Jonghyun away roughly. "What the hell?! We're not - Oh my God, that's so disgusting, I can't believe he would think that! Stop laughing at me, hyung!"

"Jeez, Taemin, chill. You're acting like a nine-year-old. Actually, I can think of many people with whom being caught in a compromising position is way more disgusting."

"...Are you, in some weird way, saying ...you like me?"

"No! Freaking ew!"

"Who's acting like a nine-year-old now?" Taemin retorted in a smug voice. Jonghyun picked up one of the magazines from the heap of scattered books and threw it square at Taemin's laughing face. It only made him laugh harder. Suddenly, his laughter turned into a mischievous, wolfish grin. Jonghyun knew that grin, it spelled 'up to no good'.

He would have made a run for it, had Taemin not managed to clasp his waist with his legs and climbed on top of him. He cursed those dancer thighs for their strength and resigned to his fate by crossing his arms behind his head and lying back.

"So what now? Do I get a private show?", he asked smugly.

However, he had not anticipated Taemin to take up the challenge.

"Why not?", he asked gleefully and started moving his body to an imagined beat. Before Jonghyun could say a word to stop him, the younger was unbuttoning his knit pullover one button at a time, in perfect sync with his slow body waves. He shrugged the pullover off and flung it into a corner.

Jonghyun knew he should be laughing because neither of them took this serious, it was supposed to be a silly game, and now really wasn't a good time to indulge in his secret obsession with Taemin's collarbones. Taemin let the neckline of his loose t-shirt plunge deliberately off his shoulder as he held one arm above his head, holding his belt buckle with the other, performing slow hip thrusts. A hot wave of want crashed through Jonghyun's body and he needed those ten centimeters separating his lap from Taemin's ass to be gone.

Jonghyun felt like he couldn't get enough air into his lungs and his heart compensated by pumping vigorously as he stared at Taemin lifting the hem of his t-shirt, shimmying out of it and throwing it across the room, arching his back deliberately. He was enjoying himself too much to notice the effect he had on Jonghyun. He was surprised and thrown off beat for a second when Jonghyun's hands came to rest on his slender waist but then he thought Jonghyun was just playing along and stepped up his teasing even more.

He made a ridiculous moaning sound, threw his hair back and ran his hand slowly and invitingly down the side of his face and his neck. "Oh yes, hyung, guide me. Show me where you want me."

To top it all off, he made an exaggerated attempt at bedroom eyes which failed on all levels, but somehow still got Jonghyun all hungry-eyed. Jonghyun caught the loops of Taemin's skinny jeans and yanked him roughly down into his lap. Taemin lost his balance and toppled over, catching himself with his hands on Jonghyun's chest. There was no way Jonghyun's throbbing heart wasn't obvious under his palms. Jonghyun's head thunked on the floor boards as he let it fall back and bucked his hips up in search for more sweet friction. Taemin dropped his playful act as he realized what was going on and felt Jonghyun's arousal grinding against him again and again.

His lips fell open against his will and little puffs of breath came out with every thrust from Jonghyun as if they travelled through his entire body and shook his lungs.

Jonghyun looked up and was met with the picture of Taemin's body bouncing on him from the force of his thrusts. His eyes drank up the sight of Taemin's lean arms, propping his weight up on Jonghyun's chest, the line of his collarbones, the bare chest, hinting at his arched back, and his legs, spread for Jonghyun. "Nnng, shit!" He bit his lip and pulled Taemin's hips down by the loops of his jeans to anchor him for another even harder thrust.

"Hyung!" Taemin moaned out for real this time.

They froze and stared. And then Taemin scrambled away from Jonghyun, beet-red cheeks, trying to draw his legs unsuspiciously closer to his body and looked at Jonghyun like a sacrificial lamb.

"Oh God", Jonghyun's voice came out all hoarse and he cleared his throat before he wailed and slapped his hands over his face. "This is so wrong! Why me?"

"Uhm", Taemin answered eloquently, voice too high and breathless, suddenly missing his shirt very very much. He wished he hadn't thrown it across the room. The skin on his waist tingled and he wanted to rub his hands, or Jonghyun's, all over it. A moment of silence passed.

"Uhhh, so, how did we end up in this situation again?" Jonghyun started piling up some of the scattered books to avoid looking at Taemin and to have something in his itching hands that wasn't part of Taemin's body, or his own aching cock. He tried not to notice that his heart was still thumping unusually hard, his nerves fluttering.

Taemin caught himself after a slight lapse and started answering truthfully. "Well, I was angry and you came in and I told you I was angry. Which I'm not anymore, by the way, and then -"

"Thanks, the question was rhetorical", Jonghyun interrupted quickly.

"But it's easier to explain that way."

Jonghyun stopped piling books and looked at Taemin who wore a glorious smile like he had solved a math equation. Jonghyun groaned inwardly. He still wanted to press him into the neat book piles he had stacked and ravish him. He felt like a wound-up spring. If anyone ever found out, especially Kibum, he was done for. The next days were going to be one hell of a trial.

"True." Jonghyun didn't trust his brain with more than a single syllable right now. He couldn't believe what was happening. Taemin had smiled before. Taemin had been shirtless before. Taemin was around all day every day and he had never... Jonghyun wasn't even... Where did this come from suddenly? And where did he go with this now?

Tags: author: e, pairing: jonghyun/taemin, rating: r

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